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Theatre of Marcellus

The Theatre of Marcellus, or Teatro di Marcello in Italian, is an ancient open-air theatre.  Julius Caesar envisioned the theatre and began work on it, but the building process had barely begun when he was killed in 44 BC.  Emperor Augustus restarted the project in 22 BC.  A decade later the theatre was completed and dedicated to Augustus’ nephew, Marcus Marcellus.  Marcellus was Augustus’ intended heir, but unfortunately he passed away five years before the completion of the theatre.

Theatre of Marcellus - Teatro di Marcello

The semi-circular theatre consisted of three levels and could seat around 12,000 spectators.  It was the largest theatre in ancient Rome.  Throughout the centuries, the theatre has been used as a fortress, palace and residence.  Today the upper portion is sectioned off into luxury apartments, and the structure is still used for small summer concerts.  



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